Neurochirurgie Timișoara

Clinica de Neurochirurgie din Timișoara este un centru regional în care se rezolvă patologia cerebrală și spinală, tumorală, vasculară și traumatică, la adulti și copii. Totodată este un centru de pregatire universitar și postuniversitar.

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Clinica de Neurochirurgie din Timisoara este un centru regional in care se rezolva patologia cerebrala.

Clinica de Neurochirurgie Timisoara pretuieste si respecta intimitatea ta. Pentru mai multe informatii, citeste Politica de confidentialitate.


The 9th Neurosurgical Masterclass: Spinal, Feb 26-28 – 2021

Februarie 2021

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to be part of the unique neurosurgical event in Romania – The Neurosurgical Masterclass, which will be held online from 26th February – 28th February 2021.

The Neurosurgical Masterclass- a Congress that has the Students as a main target. This Event wants to play an important role in promoting education and dissemination of knowledge, not only for medical students thinking about a career in neurology/neurosurgery but also for neurosurgical residents that are at the beginning of their road thorough this fascinating field and are interested in improving their knowledge regarding different neurosurgical concepts.

In the present ninth edition we have chosen subjects that cover the spectrum of spinal neurosurgery, a complex subspecialty which often require a detailed workup and decision-making process. Spine surgery represents a great percent of the average neurosurgical practice. Techniques and technologies are advancing at a rapid rate and basic concepts regarding the natural history of spinal disorders are still being elucidated.

This congress will provide interesting presentations for some of the most debated subjects in spine surgery. Topics will be arranged according to trauma, degenerative, oncologic, and infection and will also contain fundamental information – from essential anatomy and physiology to neurosurgery basics of patient positioning and usual approaches. Our speakers were chosen from a field of internationally well-respected neurological spine surgeons in an attempt to provide a comprehensive, yet clear understanding of each topic.

What future neurosurgeon would not wish to discover how the experts deal with conditions? Medical students and residents will present among world-leading neurosurgeons, who will come and present us not only approaches to spinal neurosurgical conditions but also will share their wisdom and life experience.

While this congress does not profess to hold all of the answers to these controversial topics, we foresee it will provide students and residents with an improved understanding of the issues and allow them to provide a best evidence approach for their future patients.

We have confidence that find the conference stimulating and rewarding. We are looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting, and meaningful event!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Ioan Ştefan Florian MD, PhD 

Victor Volovici MD, PhD

Stud. Laura Popovici




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